Childrens’ Homes/residential Schools accounts of abuse – Playlist

This playlist will be constantly added to, please keep checking back & also other playlists including support, victims/survivors own accounts,  recent radio broadcasts, and promotional videos which will be updated, as we can, to include events, so do please like, comment, subscribe & share,  and for newcomers to this subject, by surfing youtube, you will find many, many accounts, which show that for a long time now, many have been battling, speaking, singing, and demonstrating, healing, and sharing our hopes & talents for a better future for children, across the world…………can we link, through a simple red dot……….and join on this common theme,  The Real Full Stop……whilst groups & individuals  collaborate, exchange info, and promote all aiming for the same dream, whilst retaining individual policies, themes, identities…………???   Please email us too, for an info pack, including a questionaire and more.

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