Top People’s Sex Files Hidden By Top Police


In the UK, top people “had their sex attack files hidden from investigating officers by police top brass.”

Hundreds of documents on famous suspects have been marked ‘secret’ or ‘restricted’

Celebrities, politicians and VIPs had their sex attack files hidden …

Metropolitan Police Commander Peter Spindler has confirmed to The Times newspaper that top people were protected “by high levels of confidentiality built into intelligence systems.”

The National Association of People Abused in Childhood says that the top police have put the protection of top people before the protection of children.

It has been alleged that the UK security services have used children’s homes as boy brothels.

The police have now announced that police officers will no longer be sent to children’s homes where children are defined as being “absent”.

Police change approach to missing children cases

“Absent” could mean “taken away to an MI5-linked child brothel used by top people, including politicians, spooks and police”?

“Absent” could mean “tortured, murdered and buried by top people”?


According to The Economist Intelligence Unit:
Trust in government, parliament and politicians is at an ‘all-time low’.
The UK has one of the lowest political participation rates in the developed world – scoring below Palestine and Iraq.
There has been a decline in trust in the police, the church, the banks and the media.

The study by The Economist Intelligence Unit measured the health of democracy in 167 countries.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

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