List of Police, Prison & Court Personnel Charged or Convicted 2009-2012

Police Prosecutions List – 09-12 – PDF

This list like much historic evidence is being mirrored and shared, so that people newly awakening to the sheer massive scale of child sexual abuse, can see that now that it is unavoidable, that these truthes are brought to light, that there now surely must be a sea change for the treatment towards the victims/survivors of abuse.  The care system, so infiltrated by those that prey on innocence, must now be humble en masse revocations of wrongly made care orders, the childrens acts, as so many other things done in the name of child protection, has been sorely misused, techniques, and lessons that could have been used for good, have instead been used to harm people, punish people for speaking out, shaming them in new cruel ways, such as taking their children into care, or with dreadful drugs, and cruelty within the mental health system, that,s if any help at all could be found.  For too many, for too long, it has been this way.  There are pockets of good help, both realtime, and online, and many pathfinders, healers, writers, artists, their work rich tapestries and testimonials to immense courage through darkness and pain.  Yet none of this massive network of committed people, has come through into the mainstream media, we only hear of NSPCC, Barnadoes, who really have for such a long time, known enough to have by now, really challenged the powers tha be.  I hope NAPAC gains more teeth, and it has been a source of info or signposting towards help to many in the past, it seems to have been dropped from the chosen list, so i,m guessing that,s a good sign, but therefore we need to support and stand with NAPAC.  There’s a relevant video here, for ease of sharing, and this playlist like the others (check them out)  will be updated, continuosly…..please send us yours, link up, so we can continue to Join The Dots, despite recent setbacks with events…..Sheva

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