Neglecting Narey

A widely held, tho this information is widely suppressed…..Child protection is a fail…..internationally, if in doubt check out our playlists on Youtube, and soon some stories UK shared that may open many eyes, to the real day to day lives, of parents judged unfit, yet the very same system has been in place whilst the rape and abuse of children, has continued, largely unreigned, definitely covered up, and the voices of dissenters marginalised, suppressed, gagged, and many who have won past cases blacklisted and bullied, and punished severly if vulnerable to our ‘caring’ system………luckily all levels contain angels too, and fortunately some of us happen upon them and receive help….so people that can offer, healing, support, or links to good facilities……..especially UK, please email us, Lots of dots are linked through this blog…..Sheva

Adopted in the UK

In both his “open letter ” on Twitter, and in the Community Care Live report (both fed from SlideShare), Martin Narey extolls the virtues of adoption. Whilst repeatedly cautioning that adoption is only right for a small minority of children, there is a persistent reiteration of a specific concern regarding the swift removal and adoption of children experiencing (or likely to experience) neglect. Nor is such concern unfounded, as Nancy Verrier confirms in her book, The Primal Wound (1993; p.102):

Abandonment and neglect are reported to be the two most devastating experiences that children endure – even more devastating then sexual or physical abuse. That’s why some neglected children do naughty things to get attention. Even though the attention is hurtful – being yelled at, hit, or otherwise harmed – it is better than neglect.

However, while seemingly validating Narey’s concerns for the neglected, Verrier’s inclusion of “abandonment”…

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survivor of CSA & DV. Instigator/organisor of first public march & rally against child sexual abuse 1993. Also admin @The Real Fresh Start Foundation

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