What Dr Hibbert Did Next….

diary date for some of us, miss A, deserves our support, long term fighter, and i for one, will be there if i can 24th may, RCJ , open court , this is a definite dot joiner……..sheva

AM….will confirm nr time, or check with court day before….it would be good to have lots of support


Researching Reform

Researching Reform have very kindly been given further information on the latest developments regarding Dr Hibbert, the expert witness in the family courts who last year came to our attention for his dubious practice and a subsequent call to have his license revoked as a result. At the time, the coverage in the national media was extensive as an increasing number of people began to speak out about the treatment they received from Dr Hibbert, both as patients and fellow practitioners.

And all seemed to go silent for a while, as his Fitness to Practice Hearing kept being pushed back. But it now seems the delay is due to an increased number of patients coming forward and a comprehensive list of allegations, which need to be examined carefully. Dr Hibbert’s Fitness to Practice Hearing, we are told, is now set for February of next year (2014).

In the meantime, the…

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survivor of CSA & DV. Instigator/organisor of first public march & rally against child sexual abuse 1993. Also admin @The Real Fresh Start Foundation https://realfreshstart4csacsevictimssurvivorsuk.com/about-us/

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3 comments on “What Dr Hibbert Did Next….
  1. nojusticeforparents says:

    Im going so i can look at him in the face and smirk Miss A bought him down and im just a disabled single mum lets see how he feels when a millionaire from his background sees me x

    • he isn,t going to be there, nor will Miss A. But a few of us will try and be there to make a statement, with our presence. Until the bigger event in February……..Sheva

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