Road To Change ~ See Matty off 31st May, walk the first mile or more of 10,000 ! UK


                                                                                                 The Route over 18months

Now for some good news,  and a treat for victims & survivors of child sexual abuse.

Matthew McVarish is setting off at the end of this month on a massive 10,000 mile walk from the National Theatre.

First stop, Crawley………news will be updated as it comes in, as this is evolving, what a step into the unknown, i value that so much, it is the same as when as victims of child sexual abuse, we begin to heal, and why it takes so much courage, it is a step into the unknown journey ahead………….Big respect to all of us, and Matty……….many will understand this.   Many will do amazing things to help him along his way, it,s gonna be an amazing adventure, and one way or another we can all take part, some of us from the comfort of our home, just by sharing and spreading this news, we shed light on what has been kept secret, by so many, it is not our secret to keep, any longer………never was, and that is all we can do………shed light and engage with the effect of that………..imo.

He,ll be walking to Newhaven  over three days and then onto a huge round europe trip, which ends in Edinburgh in February 2015.

Whilst Matthew is on his route, we will be updating and keeping in touch, and relaying his news and in the meanwhile………….

co creating events here, and cross pollenating, each others’, to spread even more awareness.    So watch this space, and please come and see him off if able,  and/or contact us, if you can help us to create corresponding events, over the coming year…………..

I,m unable to walk far these days, and I realised last night, Matthew is doing this for me………..and others that cannot walk much because of ill health, some caused by abuse, some by mistreatment, or non treatment by our health service.

Whether you can join in or not………take a look at Matthew’s site and definetly watch his film………..its’ a wonderful testimount to his courage, and how we can all do so much in our own realm, as he did, by using his writing, acting and other skills, to make the change, and make child abuse stop,  The Real Full Stop, which is red………Matthew took his play, based on his and his brothers’ story, around the USA………and now can show the film of it at venues en route……….hoping for a showing in London before he sets off……..Just waiting to see if a venue opens up, for this the night before……… this space, or Matthews site, for news….

  • The journey of 10,000miles begins May 31st at 10am.National Theatre, Southbank London.Matthew McVarish is walking for 18 months around 31 EU capitals to raise awareness for the prevention and healing of child sexual abuse and the 100,000,000 survivors in Europe.Come along and walk the first mile with

South Bank, SE1 9PX London, United Kingdom

Link to the facebook event page :


survivor of CSA & DV. Instigator/organisor of first public march & rally against child sexual abuse 1993. Also admin @The Real Fresh Start Foundation

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3 comments on “Road To Change ~ See Matty off 31st May, walk the first mile or more of 10,000 ! UK
  1. Reblogged this on Sheva's Cross of Change Blog and commented:

    HEY PEOPLE, SOME LIGHT AMONGST THE DARKNESS, LOOK WHAT MATTY’S BEEN DOING & IS NOW UNDERTAKING ROUND EUROPE OVER 2YRS………..LONDON 31st setting of on 10,000 walk, with bagpipes ………! i,m going………wave him off, give him a cheer ! he,s doing this for me and all the others that can,t and will be showing his film at venues en route, which he hasn,t got set up, so take alook at his route and see if you can open a venue, your home, or help and Join The Dots, mean time wants to create events and film showings here. so help us do that and we,ll be sharing his updates and news, on the way, as he will be able to show at his venues what we are up to, magic …..:)

  2. dinaleah says:

    Wow, amazing! Wishing him all success on his journey!

    • His blog is worth a read, he has met and spoken with some policy makers, influential people, like the British Ambassador & Justice Minister; Luxembourg, and alot of his road trip stories, also include observations of creepy stuff, too, as does Ben Fellows videos, another walk just began here, UK on the way now to Glastonbury, then onto the BBC in London, which i,m sure will grow, and lead to even more groups, and people joining in, sharing their voices, online, with this amazing tool, I,ve checked out your page and blog, well done, and so brave to tell your story….. Each new day, another voice joins, people that can no longer remain silent, and need to tell the secrets they were forced to keep, more and more whistleblowers from within the circles of power, and controlling systems, break free, and the mass media is fast having to catch up, these uprisings, peaceful walks, and then the sharing of stories, through all the mediums possible, creatively, has literally changed the climate, now………….. exciting times…. 🙂

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