Poll ~ stats on child sexual abuse effects direct/ indirect & on child protection decisions.

It’s your choice…….. Really appreciate the effort this takes, and please take care, it may bring up feelings.  But it is really being done in the hope that we can begin to raise serious funding and helpful resources to co create some wonderful sanctuaries and healing centres….perhaps any people already working, could may offer up some freebie spaces specifically for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse…..sorely needed.  Anyway…choices about how you participate are :

1.  Complete anonymity ~ just tick the boxes.

2. Protected anonymity~ tick the boxes, write your comment in the form, and we will post to public comments for     you.
3.  public comment in the space below the form,  many people disguise their id,s anyway.

The poll does not give info on who ticked what.    Only you will know what answers you gave, unless you choose to disclose more, but please do remember it is completely up to everyone,.

Please take the time to tick the boxes that apply  ‘yes’  for you. 

Everyone can take part, whether you were abused or not, please do……

It is a very simple poll, so if you would like to enlarge on any point, please do so, using the contact form, at the bottom of this page,   and indicate whether we can publish your words, and with or without your name, take your time, to reflect….

If anything about the questions, doesn’t quite fit, or needs altering for your country, or circumstances,  please write more  if you wish, and make personal  points in your testimony.      

We may use parts of testimonies, in a confidential way, unless told otherwise, to help us to paint as clear a picture as possible, of how victims & survivors of CSA have been let down, in so many ways,  and this poll hasn,t even covered health……….yet.

We are hoping to collect & use statistics without breaking confidentiality, in order to help people, and especially tackle the child protection & ‘care’ system, and also  so that people that donate to major charities now, will realise that grassroots non profit organisations, can do better in many cases, with less money, and help us to be able to fund some excellent resources in the future.

We will soon have a more detailed survey, but for now, this information will be very useful for us, to make our case, and a case for alot of people,  to counter injustices that have been going on unchecked within the secret family courts, that operate in similar ways, dynamically, to abuse, disempower, suppress and then silence (through gagging orders) parents who have not seriously abused their child/ren, and with help could have overcome their difficulties.    So imagine if that parent has been abused, then the adverserial and punitive actions of many social workers or team leaders, and the negative scrutiny, judgement of a psych expert,  can be extra harmful.

Of course not all parents losing their children to care were abused themselves, nor are they all innocent of real harm, those are the cases that need fast intervention.

There are further problems within the famiy justice system, but we are not able to deal with them all here.  Google Forced Adoption, or Stolen Children, and you will find lots of groups and sites.

Tick only boxes that you can answer yes too.

Please reach out for support if you need some.

Thankyou very much for spending the time, please share widely so that as many as possible can join in.

We have youtube playlists  Jointhedots100  with resources for victims & survivors of CSA,  and also links through our twitter and page likes to support or campaign sites globally.

Help us Join The Dots and co create The Real Fullstop to child abuse……


survivor of CSA & DV. Instigator/organisor of first public march & rally against child sexual abuse 1993. Also admin @The Real Fresh Start Foundation https://realfreshstart4csacsevictimssurvivorsuk.com/about-us/

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10 comments on “Poll ~ stats on child sexual abuse effects direct/ indirect & on child protection decisions.
  1. Reblogged this on Sheva's Cross of Change Blog and commented:

    please fill in our simple poll and share widely, so we can collect statistics, to help victims & survivors of child sexual abuse, everywhere & help to Join The Dots & create The Real Fullstop, Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks and no worries, it is a platform, for people who want to add their voice, many with the pressure of the media attention, still have no where they feel able to turn to to chat about their experience, and one of my personal missions just is, to help break down the taboo of speaking about it, and ramp up the taboo of it happening, especially amongst the seemingly untouchable, priests, royalty, peers, judges, celebs, and then all of the millions of everyday folk, who join in with genital mutilation, for their religious or moral lies, who murder, rape, experiment with drugs on orphans, or children, i was asked in a radio interview with a local bbc station, ’94, why i thought some people abused and raped their children, with a sad, deep knowing, and as tears welled, i said simply , ‘because they can’………that is the simple truth, and it still holds sway today, nothing has begun to stop child rape & torture, incest, murder, en masse, except us, that are still deemed mad, sad and bad, by those ‘experts’, that have been helping to manipulate this whole charade, yes i mean psychiatrists……….look out for some actions on this front, i am publishing soon, my personal, ridiculous disgusting story of my forced dealings with psychiatrists, throughout my life, and it is they that will look mad, especially as others can join in and add their testimonies, mine as you will see is extremely embarrassing, all part of the silencing method, imo…….well we shall see who will end up embarrassed. I just wrote somewhere else, that my mission is simple really, to break down the taboo, that has stopped us from really talking and dealing with this, and shift the taboo, where it belongs, on those perpetrating, colluding, supporting, manipulating, the destruction of love and innocence in our world……..tipping point is reached…..I posted your comment anon, so that people that do not wish to join in, can be assured that their choice is respected….your choice is respected. To speak or not, to name yourself as having been abused or lost your child/ren to care carry stigma, shame, so people that do look down on pthers, or judge, please think and research this, and discover the whole or as much and there is loads now, truth on this subject…..changes only come about because so many did keep on keeping on, and we shall not stop, until we have achieved The Real Fullstop…..but please everyone respect that for some, it is not right for them to, and also remember, there are many silent supporters, who within their own area , job, arena,s are quietly helping and aiding this mass shedding of light. it is not fair to be bullying and rallying, with you don,t care unless you do this too, attitude……..i,m personally saddened by calls, of why didn,t people speak up before, ……..well, did you ? and this is to anyone, who has been busy berating people…..i have empathy, even for Esther, as a healer, i cannot join into bullying, hating, or imagining putrid punishments, i don,t have the answer, but it can,t be that, unless we wish to keep perpetuating and feeding evil and darkness with our fear, and also becoming darker ourselves in the mix, this is about protecting innocence and love, that is our job, to reverse the trend that was, which we have, and to now, grow and flourish the opposite, more empathy, kindness, nurturing our children, and for many re learning how to live beautifully, naturally, and peacefully, .we all have different roles to play, namaste peace and love, Sheva

  2. […] Poll to collect stats on child sexual abuse effects direct & indirect, .. […]

  3. Anon said: I have not commented on this site because i do not wish to publish my story here.

  4. Anon said: Vital overhaul needed of laws, sentencing and support

  5. Anon said: Hi, Wondering about confidentiality issues in collating data.Happy to help in filling out questionaire but think this could be an issue for some. Also helping to try to prevent abuse & support people in mental health system has been theraputic for myself not just patients/clients. The down side is that some people in helping professions are disconnected from themselves and not able to help but just follow orders/systems.Workers need to be aware of own blind spots, issues and if unable should not be practising.Thanks for this good work.

    • thanks i,ve made it clearer, i hope of how confidential this is., and how the choices work about posting comments. And i agree, staff working in such depth with people need to have the right support too, and time to offload, and keep clear…..thanks for the insights, and concern, confidentiality is in the control of the people who post or not, many that want to remain anon, have fake id,s anyway…..it is important for people to choose and keep themselves safe….we will also protect their privacy, if asked to. :).

  6. Anon says: .some (slight) ridicule by a physician,…separated from my family long ago,…ptsd (labeled bi-polar II),…my son is a survivor and found local law enforcement minimizing the situation, totally counter-productive…have had much in the way of support over the years which has helped tremendously

  7. anyone that wants their anon comment to be non anon, let us know 🙂

  8. copied anon for a member

    it was my father, my mother knew and did nothing; he controlled her too. Only by age 42 did I finally start dealing with its effects on my life. I did hypnotherapy to tackle the root cause of my addictions, followed by a little reflexology and then learnt how to do Reiki. The Reiki really changed my life and I am now a Reiki Master Teacher. I have not looked back yet many of my personal likes, dislikes, habits etc all stem from the first 11 years of my life. Sometimes I feel I have never been a real person because I was groomed into a ‘romantic’ relationship from day 1 of my life. I have never been a ‘normal’ child. My mother still lives in denial to this day, she is now 73. I forgave her but have nothing to do with her now. My son’s bilogical father had suffered severe abuse as a child, from his own mother. I didn’t know this when I married him. He is still a twisted and dangerous man, and I live in constant concern he will find my son and me, and try to be in contact with my son again. During the divorce the cafcass were trul;y the most unpleasant people I have ever met and I question their motives. They clearly did not have my son’s safety or welfare at heart. I would never ever trust anyone connected with them.

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