The Spartacus paedophile network was exposed by the Sunday People in February 1983


Elm Guest House adverts in Capital Gay mentioned a ‘Discount for Spartacus Members’, which is thought to have been a coded message to paedophiles which meant sex with children was on offer.

Spartacus started out as a mainstream gay organisation in 1969, but by the time John D. Stamford took over it was catering for paedophiles. This is evident from these newspaper cuttings from the 1980s:

A letter to The Observer from 1980 describing Spartacus members as ‘a minority within a minority’

A Guardian article from 1984 referring to Spartacus as “the international paedophile information network”

– The Sunday Times ran a story exposing Spartacus in 1986 called Scandal of Britons who buy young boys for £3 a night.

But the Sunday People were the first paper to run a story on Spartacus in February 1983, just eight months after the Elm Guest House raid. This makes…

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survivor of CSA & DV. Instigator/organisor of first public march & rally against child sexual abuse 1993. Also admin @The Real Fresh Start Foundation

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