Anthony Blunt and the Kincora cover-up

I,m still sitting mouth wide open, omg, it’s taken me right back in time….so i,m still reading, but this must fly round, please share, share, share……….. if this doesn,t wake people up, i don,t know what will , see our previous collation of blogs, comments include a radio interview with Ken Livingstone of the time, or about the time……a couple of minutes, that combined with this, surely no one can anylonger be fooled. The ugly unbelievable is true……..child rape, murder, torture exist & it goes right through our society, top to bottom. Enough good people are awake now, surely to rake this out from every level, including the top. Stand up and be counted or Stand down, i say……… those with power & influence to change this as quickly as you can. Sheva


Private Eye, 20th January 1988


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survivor of CSA & DV. Instigator/organisor of first public march & rally against child sexual abuse 1993. Also admin @The Real Fresh Start Foundation

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2 comments on “Anthony Blunt and the Kincora cover-up
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