Harriet Harman et al take note: it was a mistake and TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE

Pedophilia allegations: FDP politician withdraws candidacy Bundestag

Of Christian Teevs

FDP-Politikerin Döring: "Völlig inakzeptabel" Zur Großansicht


FDP politician Döring: “Totally unacceptable”

<There are many UK MP’s that bear being questioned by the police.   Or probably better by an independent council, made up largely

by survivors of these crimes.    Totally transparent, filmed, with hard questioning.   Margaret Hodge, Jack Straw, Theresa May, also springs to

mind, but there are more.   Also we could include all institutional supporters, colluders, apologists, perpetrators, like the Pope, Cardinals &Bishops, Immams, Monks, Church leaders of every faith have done the same.    The list is long, wide and varied. >

The party political dispute over pedophilia reached the Liberals: A FDP politician from Hesse pulls her parliamentary candidacy. Background is now being submerged text from 1980, in which she writes about sexual relations with children. He is her today “unimaginable embarrassing.

<“Not a perfect translation – original link to German version http://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/fdp-dagmar-doering-gibt-wegen-paedophilie-vergangenheit-auf-a-915895.html)    I don’t have time to correct, but the picture is clear enough, and there are some other links to more info, this is a good sign, that people will now have to realise that this has never been acceptable, because survivors of abuse are never going to stop, shutup, go away, until we know that child rapists, torturers & molesters, traffickers are dealt with, and any politicians either involved or involved in covering up, had better take heed and do the right thing now. > Sheva

Hamburg – Dagmar Döring still seems shocked when she is asked about the text that appeared 33 years ago. She wants nothing more to say, it refers to a statement on its website . There she writes, in the workup of Pädophilievorwürfe against the Green “is an article has been taken from me into focus.” The essay was “written in the form of an experience report” and support the former requirement of some groups to legalize “supposedly consensual sexual relations between adults and children.”

The FDP politician Döring has reacted quickly and withdrew her candidacy for the Bundestag. The Wiesbaden Liberals had the 53-year-old voted late 2012 as the successor of the former party and parliamentary leader Wolfgang Gerhardt for direct candidate. In her statement Döring based her decision, she wanted to avert harm from her family and the FDP. On Friday they had to circle chairman Florian Rentsch informed about their step. Doering is a member of the FDP since 2007. She was first spokesperson of party and faction from 2009 to 2011, she directs the press work in the Hessian Ministry of Justice.

The text at issue, appeared in 1980 in the anthology “pedophilia today” by Joachim S. Hohmann and is titled “So much love and tenderness – A woman loves children.” He is SPIEGEL ONLINE ago. The author was at that time 19 years old. Doering reported in the text of a “long, sexually intense relationship with a girl.” You have experienced that “can satisfy no man or woman, but a child, especially a girl, my wants and needs (…)”.

Elsewhere Doering writes that it “fear of the laws, the love between adults and children are still punished.” They have experienced in their friend, “discovered relationship with a 13-year-olds and then violently, was brutally crushed” its. Before that she was afraid and she wanted to “do all it can to change those laws.”

“Totally unacceptable and a big mistake”

Doering writes today: “My views and political activities in respective organizations, from today’s point of view totally unacceptable and have been a big mistake I dissociate myself perfectly clear from all the writings and political activities of this early chapter of my life and point out that. I’ve been guilty of nothing. “

How it had come to the text, they could today, 30 years later, no longer understand in detail. She asserts: “The events I had completely displaced in the meantime.” The former, immature thoughts you had today “unimaginably embarrassing.”

Come to light is the top of the politician by a research project of Göttingen party researcher Franz Walter . Meanwhile, the Institute for Democracy Research is currently investigating the influence of pedophile groups in the countryside. , the debate had by controversial remarks by MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit started in the seventies. Cohn-Bendit described then erotic games with children. Meanwhile, he distances himself from these statements .

“It’s not just an essay”

To SPIEGEL ONLINE Walter confirmed to have contacted Döring, after he had discovered her essay and their activities in organized Pädophiliebewegung. “I have not directly addressed in their article passages or even confronted, but wanted to ask the eyewitness.”

“This is not just a book essay, but to organization policies they have long-term operation,” says Walter. On Monday, a text is in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” appear in the Walter and his collaborator Stephen Klecha summarize their previous research. Also, the Hessian FDP responded on Saturday to the withdrawal of federal candidate: take the waiver of the candidacy as “a very personal decision with respect to knowledge,” shared the Wiesbaden district chairman Rentsch and state leader Jörg-Uwe Hahn with. So that they take responsibility. “Such facts show that young people are easy to manipulate.” Therefore, criminal laws to protect children and adolescents compared with adults are indispensable.

A swipe at the Greens Rentsch can not resist: it looked forward “by others, that they take responsibility, even if events are like long back.”


survivor of CSA & DV. Instigator/organisor of first public march & rally against child sexual abuse 1993. Also admin @The Real Fresh Start Foundation https://realfreshstart4csacsevictimssurvivorsuk.com/about-us/

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