White Flowers Memorial and Survivors Meeting on Child Sexual Abuse at Parliament

cathy fox blog on child abuse

White flowers and Balloons Memorial near Parliament Survivors, MP and Campaigners 14 Jan 2014.


This memorial was to remember the many children no longer with us due to actions of paedophiles. Amongst the remembered were:

Vivian Loki: Murdered 1987. Age 17 years. Islington
Tony McGrane: Murdered 1987. Age 13 years. Islington
Vishal Mehrota: age 8 years. Abducted in Putney in 1981. His remains found in West Sussex 1982
Daniel Handley. Abducted and murdered age 9 years in 1985. Beckton
Barry Lewis. Age 6 years murdered 1985. South London
Bernard Oliver: Age 17 years Musell Hill. Murdered 1967 Found in Tattingstone Suffolk. The ‘suitcase murder’
Gary Shields age 6 years. Murdered 1974. Sexually assaulted and found in River Tyne
Allan Graham. Age 11 years. Northumbria. Kidnapped and murdered. Unsolved
Lee Boxell. Age 15 years. Missing in 1998. Cheam
Martin Allen. Age 15 years Missing since 1979. Between Kings Cross and Kensington

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survivor of CSA & DV. Instigator/organisor of first public march & rally against child sexual abuse 1993. Also admin @The Real Fresh Start Foundation https://realfreshstart4csacsevictimssurvivorsuk.com/about-us/

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