Join The Dots is a loose non-religious, non-political, peaceful group of survivors of and campaigners against child abuse. All viewpoints, experiences, backgrounds and opinions are welcome when united against abuse. Bring your creativity, your story, your knowledge, your skills, your information or just bring yourself and stand with us against the injustice of child abuse.

Formed to promote events in 2013 to be an easy and simple phrase to make the general public think and wake up to the massive scale of abuse in the UK and worldwide.

We aim to bring together groups and causes under the banner of Join The Dots to highlight the scale of the abuse that has gone on for too long in this country, with the red dot being a symbolic stop signal.

If people join the dots people will see Savile was no ‘Lone wolf’ as the Yewtree report stated.

If they join the dots they will see this abuse was and still is enormous in its scale and is perpetrated by the highest levels of our society.

When you join the dots, the picture of child abuse worldwide, so often funded and committed by the state and the church, is truly appalling and now is the time to take action.

This blog will have several links to ‘essential reading’ articles and blogs, but its main purpose will be to promote events urging people to Join The Dots!

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